Crystal Healing Therapy

Chakra Balancing is suitable for someone who does not have much time, but would like to receive the benefits of a crystal healing to balance their chakras.  When our chakras are in a balanced and a strong energetic state our overall wellbeing is enhanced. In this healing the current state of the chakras are assessed by pendulum, and crystals and/or pendulum are used to balance and improve each chakra’s energetic flow.

Chakra Balance: 30 minutes - $55.00

Complete chakra balancing and aura healing involves the same techniques used in the 30 minute Chakra Balancing, however, we also assess and heal the aura where necessary. There are seven layers of the aura and each connects to one of the major chakras. A healthy aura is indicated by strong energy flow and this provides protection from negative energies entering and making our bodies vulnerable to illness, disease, depression and imbalances.

Complete Chakra Balance & Aura Healing: 60 minutes - $95.00

Add $25 if you wish to have to have an angel reading at the end of your crystal healing therapy session.

Certified Crystal Healing Therapist - Marian Simone