Emily Mills Bio

Emily was born and raised in Brantford, spending 4 years earning her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Development. From there she finished her post graduate studies to become an Art Therapist in 2011. During this time, Emily dove deeper into her yoga practice as part of her healing journey. Yoga has been as passion for Emily for over 12 years and she decided that she wanted to share its healing potential with the world. In 2012 she became a certified Yogafit teacher and has loved bringing yoga to those around her. In 2013 Emily continued her journey as a healer when she completed her level 2 Reiki training. It is her passion to share all of these skills with anyone from children to adults! Emily loves to blend all of these skills to offer clients a chance to creatively express themselves through art, movement or freely expressing the truest nature of ourselves. She has worked with children, adults and in the field of mental health using these skills to aid in their relaxation, healing and self-awareness.


Emily is excited to bring clients a yoga experience that emphasizes working the muscles, a variety of sequences, keeping the body in rhythmic flow and most importantly having fun! After her class it is Emily’s hope that clients leave feeling refreshed, warm, inspired and most importantly wearing a smile!


Emily is passionate about animals, spending time in nature, mental health awareness, Poi dancing, healing crystals and working with bells, chimes and singing bowls.