Our Team

 "At Mistico Mimi Wellness Centre, we believe that we are no better than the sum of the people who work with us! Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and experience.  We are confident that our clients benefit from the expertise and education of our professionals.  We strongly believe in our staff and are extremely proud of their accomplishments and dedication." 

- Marian Simone, IPHM
Clinical Aromatherapist, Crystal Healing & Holistic Therapist
Founder of Mistico Mimi Wellness Centre &
Essential Oils by Mistico Mimi



Marian Simone, IPHM

President, Clinical Aromatherapist


 Ashleigh Cochrane       



Steven Fraser Yoga

Steven Fraser



Courtney McKenna


 Emily Mills



Jessica Recollet

Yoga Instructor  
Kristina Wooldridge Yoga Instructor