Pet Toothbrush
Pet Toothbrush

Pet Toothbrush

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  • Our pet toothbrush freshens your dog or cat's breath for more enjoyable kisses.
  • Good dental care with a toothbrush means no more doggy breath as well as improved overall health of your pet.
  • This saves you money on vet dental bills later on by not putting your pet under sedation for deep cleanings as often.
  • This toothbrush has super soft gentle so your pet's gums are not injured. so your pet may even look forward to their brushing
  • More than simply freshening your pet's breath, it eliminates the source. It kills the harmful bacteria and germs that eat away at the enamel which cause tooth decay, gingivitis, and other problems.
  • By removing the stains with this toothbrush, your pet's teeth whiten naturally without harmful chemicals and deeply embedded in your pet's teeth to leave them sparkling white.
  • Color: Blue
  • Length: approx.  6.69"